Tips for buyers

You have finally decided to buy your dream property

First of all, congratulations. Buying a property is probably the greatest investment someone could make and sure is a dream come true. Having said that, home ownership is more than just a relaxing summer weekend on the patio barbecuing or an intimate winter evening in front of the fireplace drinking a coffee or wine(whatever floats your boat), this could also come with a lot of stress as also there are quite a lot strings attached. You also need to pay particular attention to some details when buying a property as there some property defects, some legal issues, and a lot more matters needing your attention and if you are not aware of them could have you end up in hot water.

There are two types of defects on a property, one is Material Latent Defect and the other is Material Patent Defect. The Homeowners are obligated to disclose and notify the buyers of the Latent Defects; on the other hand the Patent Defects are not required to be disclosed, however repairing the Patent Defect is recommended; therefore you need to be able to detect those defects before getting into a situation where you are the one having to pay for the repairs rather than the owner of the property.

you need a professional to have the property throughly inspected and make sure nothing is missed.
Feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure that you would get the best possible home buying experience you could have.

There are also some very useful information provided for your ease and comfort to have a look at the different parts of Ontario, mostly GTA nearby areas so you would get a feeling of what they have to offer.

If the budget is tight you do not need to worry as there are always properties that would suit your needs if you have the right agent and there are the right amount of efforts is being put to your property search.
I’m sure you have heard of the term “Fixer Upper”. The term “Fixer Upper” is used for properties that require quite some attention and repairs done to them. Specially, if you are a handyman and know your way around the building repairs those would be the best bet for you as you could be saving quite a lot just by buying those units. The reason being is that aside from the work they require, mostly people are scared of the fact that there might be more repairs needed once they started fixing what seems to be the only problem and that by itself might end up costing them a lot. That could possibly be true, on the other hand you might up with a property that might seem like a trouble but in fact might be a “diamond in the rough”.

The mentioned option, even though, a very good option for people who do know building repairs mostly is not suitable for those who are not as much familiar to the concept. There are always good deals on the market, due to someone needing to urgently moving, transformation of jobs to another country, etc… Just by asking me I could keep an eye for you on the market should something suiting your needs comes up. Simply ask me and you are on my watch list, this way you would be notified as soon as some property that is suitable for you appears on the market and you’d be one of the very first to have a chance to get it.