Want to sell your property but don’t know where to start?

Process of selling your property could be both easy and pleasant if done by professionals, on the other hand it is not a task that could be taken lightly. There are a lot of new rules and regulation on the ever-changing Real Estate market that requires buyer and seller’s attention while doing any real estate transaction. There are also very common mistakes that sellers make unknowingly which would at the end cause them a lot of stress and might leave them in hot water.
If you would like to know more about the tips and information in regards to your transaction feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to update you with most recent tips and regulation you need to know, just ask and it’s yours to know.

What is your property’s worth on the market today?

Whether if you have finally decided to upsize your existing property due to an increase in your family size, or downsize due to not having use for the extra space, the process of selling can be both involved and stressful.

I have provided certain very useful information at your figure tips that could help you look for properties at the close by locations so you could have an idea of what price rang you should be looking for. (Please click on the “property search” on the menu bar)

Having said that you are more than welcome to contact me via the form provided below or by using information on contact me, for a free, no obligation evaluation of your property.
The process I will be using is called CMA, which stands for Comparative Market Analysis. What it does is basically is using a pre defined chart, that compares your property to other similar, recently sold properties on the market in rather close by area to give you a feeling of what you should be expecting to obtain upon selling your property.
By using this information you would be able to see what are the buyer are paying for similar properties and what are the asking price of the buyers having properties similar to yours.
This process if done by others might cost you, as a courtesy to potential clients I provide this service to you at “NO CHARGE”, so If you have been wondering of how much you should be thinking of obtaining once you sold your property you have no reason to postponed getting a “FREE” evaluation and analysis of your property today.
I have also provided some useful calculation as how to calculate your Loan, Mortgage, and Affordability and cost estimate as well as the Amortization table if you ever need it.

These and a lot more information can be found on the “EasyHomeTransaction” website.
There are also some information about different regions in Ontario that you could use as well if you want to get a feeling as what those regions have to offer and what are the neighbourhoods are like.

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