Whether it is your first time investing in condominium, a house or a commercial property or if you have invested in such properties before you should know that no other investments have such great return as investing in real estate the past couple of years is an evidence of just that. Folks who had previously invested with us just witnessed the greatest profit in their investment in a very short period of time as predicted by us.

Off-course there are factors you need to consider when making your investment and not all investments have great returns. There are cases you where you might not make as much as you expect but you do still make profit, hence it is very crucial to know when and where to invest and those are the very important keys into making a great investment.

As is the case with any other investments , your investments’ return depends on a few other surrounding factors. The market for example plays a very essential rule on how good or not so good your investment would turn out at the end. There are times that buying would make a huge asset and in some cases selling. Hence, you should keep an eye on the market when deciding on investing, especially in real estate that goes hand in hand with market.
When investing in a condominium you should also consider the location of that particular property. There are times that units in two very similar building have different values and make different return on your investment after all. Picking the right location is a very crucial key, but you might wonder, mostly all the good unit in good location are gone very fast and are mostly unavailable, and that is correct. Usually builders have a presale for their units, which is why it is good to take advantage of the presale that usually builders have.

Having said all of this, I have never heard of anyone complaining about their investment losing equity and if anything they were not happy just due to the fact that their investment did not make as substantial return as what they had in mind.
Investing in real estate is one of the very safest investment anyone could make, and I’m sure you have noticed the price of the properties not only have not stayed still but also have increased substantially. Even if one decided to go and invest in bank and open up a for example TFS account or any other bank accounts that is where part of your cash goes, but instead of you investing and buying a property on under your name, bank does the hard work for you and take a chunk of the return as well. You may think of buying some stock, which is probably the most risky investment one could make, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

There are pre-sale events that are being held at different time of the year, I suggest you attend a few to get a feeling The following as how it is especially if it is your first time investing.

The following is a presale even that is being held on sept 19 at 7pm, if you like to be there simply email me or you could call and I would have you added to the list.

Thompson Residences

I invite all my past or present clients to VIP events that are not available to the public for the pre-sale of units as they just come to the market for the lowest possible prices with highest RETURN and lowest down payments.
One of the benefits of investing in such units is that you do not have to pay a cent as a mortgage until your unit is ready for you to move in or rent out, all you need in most cases is 5% Down payment and you’d be pocketing in most cases as high as 20% by the time you get your ready to move in units.
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