First of all, congratulations. Buying a property is probably the greatest investment someone could make and sure is a dream come true. Having said that, home ownership is more than just a relaxing summer weekend on the patio barbecuing or an intimate winter evening in front of the fireplace drinking a coffee or wine (whatever floats your boat). Home ownership requires some maintenance to keep your property running smoothly, to give you the best homeownership experience someone could ever have. Doing some repairs is part of the deal, and even if you are not a handyman or a DIY (Do it yourself) there are still quite a few things you could do around the house and you should make yourself familiar with them.

Take a few minutes to learn and master a few repairs and Do It Yourself home repairs that anyone could do, that way you’d save quite a lot and could keep everything running smoothly without any issues. Whether it is a stopped up toilet, or runaway faucet drip, painting a room, covering a nail hole, wall papering a room, these are all what things anyone could do with just a bit of help.

Anyone who has owned a home for a while is familiar with the concept of the paint spattered work clothes and a few paintbrushes in your garage. Sprucing up your rooms with paint is one of the best ways to magnify the appearance of your property and show your property to advantage. Painting or wall papering depending on your taste and swag and add flavor and style to your property and also increase the value of it if done well. On the other hand, if not done well, it might even work to decrease the value of your property. If after you are done with your paint job you still notice some roller mark, sloppy trip paints, and spatters they sure are signs of a paint job poorly done and you should have it redone.

The best strategy for any task is to prepare and have detailed plan for it. Always prepare before doing anything, whether it is painting job or a simple repair it sure always is the best strategy to have preparation before you start and would have you achieve the best result possible. Reading some articles about the job you are intending to do or watching a few YouTube videos could have you started in no time. You can obtain any tools you need from paintbrushes to your paint color catalogue from any hardware store close to your place of residence.

Anyone who has done any painting job including myself would tell you the very first this is to have your preparation done. What preparation means? You would need to have all the appliances, light fixtures, electric outlet coverings and rugs and carpets removed. Basically anything that could be moved out needs to be carried out of the room you are planning on painting. The flooring whether hardwood, laminate or attached carpets also needs to be covered with a big piece of cloth or even newspaper.

Now, you have passed stage one. The next step would be to sand off any rough edges and paint chips, then what you need to do is to clean the walls by either a damp piece of cloth or sponge. Then you need to look for holes or gauges or other imperfections on your wall that require being filled with spackle. You then need to leave it to try for a few hours depending on what product you use. After it is dried you need to sand that area and clean it with a piece of dry cloth or sponge. Apply primer on those spot and let it dry. Now you have a surface that if painted would give you the best result. Apply one layer of paint and let it dry for 24 hours. Apply the second layer of paint and you are done. Job Well Done!! You have reached the best result possible and you did it all yourself and save some cash, now wasn’t that easy?