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We treat our client right with honesty, transparency, regard and gratitude. Offer ongoing support even after the transaction is through like a valued partner, keep our client informed about the ever changing real estate market, we follow through on our word and as always our customers are always right.


Buyers”, here you will find more information which could help along making decision for your next move in either purchasing your dream home, with some tools that can help you along the way

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator” is another tool to help you better calculate how much you should be considering as your mortgage payment.

Market Analysis

Want to know how much your property is worth; get a “ Complimentary Market Analysis ” of your property on us. Buyers can also find out more about properties they have their eyes on here.

Closing Cost and Affordability

Affordability and Closing Costs” is a useful tool to help you calculate how much you should consider for your closing cost and also a tool to calculate the affordability based on your criteria

Ask Us a Questions

Ask us a question” is where you can contact us with your questions or comment and we’ll be more than happy to address them


Sellers”, here you will find more information and tools which can better assist you to grasp an idea as what you require in order to have a fast, smooth and profitable transaction with ease of mind

This website has been designed to provide you with some useful tips & tools to help you along the Real Estate path. Whether buying, selling, leasing or investing in real estate I’m there to help you along the way from the start to finish. Feel free to contact me any time should you have any questions or concerns. It will be my pleasure to be able to help you.
Looking forward to speaking with you



Meet Our Team

We have been fortunate to have such a strong, skilled and knowledgeable group of people working with us. From the day one to the last day of closing you can rest assured there are professionals who are helping you achieve the best result possible.

Babak Sobhani

Team Manager

Babak Sobhani has been a real estate sales representative for many years, bringing forth strong strategic negotiation skills, commitment to excellence to his clients and his work ethics are unparalleled providing you with a service you deserve and results you can count on.

Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage Brokers

We have a group of knowledgeable mortgage brokers working with various banks, lenders and private lenders, providing you with an exceptional service and a great rate, providing you with a peace of mind knowing you have received the best rate available on the market.

Legal Team


We have the best lawyers and legal teams in residential and commercial working with us who are the best in the industry providing you with sound legal advise making sure your transaction whether buying or selling goes smoothly with no legal burden that could potentially legally harm you in future in anyways.

Design & Marketing

Interior Design & Marketing Team

If you are planning on selling you know the power that good marketing and advertising has in the sale of your property. Our interior designers and marketing team our equipped with the most updated design and technologies providing you with an eye catching result.

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What Our Clients Say

Some of the kind words our valued clients have left us
Charlotte McKenzie

Charlotte McKenzie

Business Owner

"We are very pleased! We were struggling with the sale of our business. He made every effort to make the sale of my business as fast and smooth as possible, I was able to move on with my life, and get my life back; I couldn't have asked for more than this. Now we are getting his help to buy our daughter a condo"

Anahita Kazemi

Anahita Kazemi

Condo in Downtown Toronto

"When I decided to come to Ryerson he helped me a lot to make my transition as smooth as possible. I love my condo, and hope to get my sister's with him too"

Hanson Milojkovic

Hanson Milojkovic


“ He changed my financial status entirely. About 2 years ago he insisted on one particular investment in downtown Toronto that I would invest in. I was hesitant since I didn’t have enough equity, but I’m glad he helped me get the money as my investment doubled in this time frame, Thanks bro!"

Sara Kamyabi

Sara Kamyabi

Selling and Buying

"We had tried other realtors to sell our house and we were reaching certain deadlines. Thankfully we switched to him and are we glad we did. We should have hired them from day one and saved us a lot of hassle"

Naser azar

Naser azar

Downsizing my house

"Babak helped me sell my house after the passing of my beautiful wife. He is very considerate young man. I wish him all the best"

Natalya Underwood

Natalya Underwood

First Time Home Buyer

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! We are so pleased with his services. He is great! He helped us with the mortgage, lawyers, buying, you name it, I will refer everyone I know "

Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

Our Investment

"Me and my father bought two condos with Babak in Aura. It was a great buy as he predicted, I just sold one with over 200K profit in less than 2 years of our investing. The other is being rented and we are extremely happy. Looking forward to doing business with him again"

Tanya Markovic

Tanya Markovic

My Downtown Condo

"I would like to start by saying I love my condo, Babak was great and very patient I should add. He should me a number of different condos all over downtown till I found the one I loved"

Mizao F.

Mizao F.

Our Condo

"He got me and my brother a pre construction condo in downtown. The value has grown and it is a great building. definitely recommend him"

Peyman Kashmary

Peyman Kashmary

Finding our dear home

"Our family was growing and we needed to get a bigger place. he made the whole process seem easy. we sold our house and bought a bigger one and it's great"

Tom S.

Tom S.

Moving to California

"It was time for us to move to somewhere warm and closer to our daughter. Thanks to Babak everything worked out rather great."

Andrew S.

Andrew S.

Turning over a new leaf

"I had to go through some extreme personal changes in my life. His help came very handy as he actually did help in everyday possible. Thanks dude!"


Some of the topics I have been asked about in the past, which I have gathered here as a blog!

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