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Real Estate Market keeps on fluctuating. It’s good to know how much your property is worth; get a “ Complimentary Market Analysis ” of your property on us. Buyers can also find out more about properties they have their eyes on here.


Staging your property is one of the crucial factors in how fast and profitable you can sell your property. Due to its cost lots of folks overlook this step. I have made it easy for my client, we provide a complimentary Property Staging to our clients


Getting a mortgage is the first step in determining whether you can afford your dream home. We help our clients in this path to make it as pleasant and productive as possible. There are also very useful tips and tools which can help you along the way.

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Affordability and Closing Costs” is a useful tool to help you calculate how much you should consider for your closing cost and also a tool to calculate the affordability based on your criteria. Also head to our directory to find out much more!

Mortgage Calculator

At your finger tips are a number of tools including mortgage calculator, Mortgage Insurance Calculator, Land Transfer Tax Calculator, and much more! Simply head over to our Directory page for more details.

Coffee with Us

Have you seen one of our listings or simply have a question? We are never busy for our client, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to meet with you whether in our office or meet you over a coffee.

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What our clients say

“I bought a pre-construction property from him and he was right, the value has grown by quite some, giving me a big smile every time I think about it!”

Rici Balsado

“We bought our daughter an apartment in downtown and she is extremely happy with her apartment.”

Sylvia Nikos

“Me and my business partner bought our first plaza with him and we are happy with our investment so far, his services and professionalism are highly recommended!”

Peyman Kashmary

“I had to go through some extreme personal changes in my life. His help came very handy as he actually did help in every way he could.”

Andrew Salvarnes

“It was time for us to move to somewhere warm and closer to our daughter. Thanks to Babak everything worked out rather great.”

Nico Tsangarnes

“Our family was growing and we needed to get a bigger place. He made the whole process seem easy. we sold our house and bought a bigger one and it’s great”

Jason and Jules

“He got me and my brother a pre construction condo in downtown. The value has grown and it is a great building. definitely recommend him”

Mizo Fergo

“I would like to start by saying I love my condo, Babak was great and very patient I should add. He showed me a number of different condos all over downtown till I found the one I loved”

Tanya Markovic

“Me and my father bought two condos with Babak in Aura. It was a great investment as he predicted, I just sold one with over 200K profit in less than 4 years of our investing. The other is being rented and we are extremely happy. Looking forward to doing business with him again”

Andrew Chan

“Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! We are so pleased with his services. He is great! He helped us with the mortgage, lawyers and most importantly buying our dream home, you name it, I definitely recommend him”

Natalya Underwood

“Babak helped me sell my house after the passing of my beautiful wife. He is very a considerate young man. I wish him all the best”

Naser Azar

“We had tried other realtors to sell our house but we felt like it was taking more that it should. Thankfully we switched to him and are we glad we did. We should have hired them from day one and saved us a lot of unnecessarily headache”

Sara Kamyabi

“ He changed my financial status entirely. About 2 years ago he insisted on one particular investment in downtown Toronto that I would invest in. I was hesitant since I didn’t have enough equity, but I’m glad he helped me get the money as my investment doubled in this time frame!”

Mike Milojkovic

“We are very pleased! We were struggling with the sale of our business. He made every effort to make the sale of my business as fast and smooth as possible, I was able to move on with my life, and get my life back; I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Now we are getting his help to buy our House”

Charlotte McKenzie

“When I decided to come to Ryerson he helped me a lot to make my transition as smooth as possible. I love my condo, and hope to get my sister’s with him too”

Anahita Kazemi

Who we are?

We are real estate agents with a vast network of professionals equipped with the most updated technology helping our client achieve the best results. Whether buying, selling or investing we are here to help from the first step to the very last.

  • Buy with confidence knowing you get the best deal
  • Sell with assurance you are making the maximum profit
  • Invest knowing you have taken one step toward a great future
  • Let us make your real estate transaction as pleasant as possible
How timely properties are sold
Design and staging expediting sales
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About us

This website provides you with some useful tools and tips in your real estate quest. Whether buying, selling, investing or renting both in residential or commercial real estate there are sometime where you come across some questions to which you don’t have an answer. Let us, a group of real estate professionals help you in your real estate matters. We do have some tools here to better assist you to grasp a reality of what suits you the best so you can make a better decision. Head over to our directory to have a look at the available tools, and if you are looking for something that you can’t find get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.[Read More…]

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This website provides you with some useful tools and tips in your real estate quest. Whether buying, selling, investing or renting both in residential or commercial real estate there are […]

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